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Deep Roots

AERIZ: Deep Roots – Season 1, Ep. 6

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Deep Roots: Season 1, Ep.6


Home of the largest aeroponic
cannabis farm in the world.

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Episode Preview

Welcome to the Garden of Weeden

Aeroponic growing requires attention to detail and a desire to grow the best and that’s what Aeriz Cannabis has in spades. In the most recent Deep Roots episode, Cameron Bravmann joins the Aeriz team for some conversation, culture, and cannabis. So what makes Aeriz so special?

Check out the episode to learn about Aeriz’s mind-blowing facility as well as their Aeroponic grow strategies as they give our crew a lesson in genetics and seeds, phenotyping, mothers, vegetative growth, Flowering, Drying, curing and packaging – all without soil!

Cameron and the Canna Cribs crew arrive in Phoenix to visit Aeriz, and learn about growing with no media. How? Aeroponics!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!

Mother Room:

The tour begins in the Aeriz mother room. Cameron checks out how Aerize make their cuts for clones, pick their strains, and has a look at some amazing (deep) roots!


Aerize shows why aeronics is their jam! Cameron checks out the clone misters and learns how Aeriz managed to dial in their aeroponic process perfectly.


Aries shows off their WS Hampshire tables that are so easy to use they’re basically plug and play. How long is the veg cycle? Watch and learn!


Beautiful roots lead to beautiful buds at Aeriz, and they have a variety of strains so chances are they’re growing something you’ll love. Also, Cameron gets “smacked in the face” by terpenes and learns about Hygrozyme and Hyshield foliar sprays, as well as how the process saves Aeriz money and reduces their waste.

Drying and Curing:

Cameron checks out the whole plant, wet harvest and learns about the slow dry and cure process that really pops the flavor. He also learns how Boveda 2-way packs help maintain quality in arid Arizona. What are those quarter-gram joints?


Processing is where the magic happens as Cameron checks out the plethora of products available including live resin, diamonds, sauce, and butter. Add Across international to the mix and you’ve got a great extract lab.


The trip is coming to a close so Cameron visits with the crew at Marigold dispensary to pick up a trio of Aeriz cannabis products and drop a little grow knowledge.

Did the budtender just call me “puta breath?”

Additional Episode Info

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