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Canna Cribs

Amaze: Season 5, Ep. 3

By July 19, 2023No Comments
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Canna Cribs Season 5, Ep.3

Amaze Cannabis

Empowering Communities, Dispelling Myths, and Mastering the Art of Cultivation

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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs: Season 5, Episode 3

In this episode, Nate visits Amaze in Moberly, MO

In this episode of CannaCribs, we learn about the Patel family’s incredible capacity to endure the hardships of starting the Amaze cannabis cultivation company. In addition to this, we get a rare and unique look into the master growing techniques of the award-winning Director of Cultivation and Breeding, Roger Henrichs. Roger and Nate take the deepest dive in show history into what it takes to bring such high-quality genetics to the world!

Join Nate and his team in Moberly, MO, as they showcase Amaze Cannabis operations, highlighting the company’s commitment to mindfully grown cannabis. Grown indoors with living soil using no pesticides.