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Deep Roots

Artisan Grown: Deep Roots – Season 1, Ep. 3

By April 8, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments
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Deep Roots: Season 1, Ep.3

Artisan Grown

Kyle Pope, hydroponically grows 46% THCA Cannabis Strain “Sweet Melissa” in his deep water culture, off-grid grow operation in Oregon.

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If you give the plants love they’ll give you love right back.

– Kyle Pope
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Episode Preview

Artisan Grown: Deep Roots - Season 1, Ep. 3

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!

Cameron arrives at the Artisan Grown facility in Canby Oregon and immediately smokes too much and considers apple farming. Stay tuned for that “Sweet Melissa” strain that tests at 46% THC!


After a stellar meal at The Markum Inn, Cameron and Kyle Pope talk propagation at Artisan Grown. The pair discuss CloneX, hydroponic growing, and the difference between equipment failure and operator error.


Kyle talks to Cameron about the Artisan veg process and the pair talk about the importance of nutrient uptake and how Azos and Mykos assist. Also, Kyle snacks on some fan leaves and talks about the practical reasons he chose hydroponic growing.

Kyle also explains what separates Quest dehumidification systems from their competitors.


Cameron and Kyle visit the flower room to look at a few of Artisan’s strains. Kyle shows off Artisan’s roots and we get introduced to the high-THC strain, Sweet Melissa. The pair also talk about the advantages of Mammoth P including bigger buds, better terpene profile, and stronger roots. Shout out to Trifecta and Bluelab!

Drying and Curing:

Cameron learns about Kyle’s harvest and drying/curing process. Their secret? The Cure Avantage system – a smart curing container with sensors to monitor gases throughout the curing process.


Cameron visits the New Leaf dispensary to check out some of Artisan Grown’s wares. Store manager, Chima Mekkam, takes Cameron through the menu which includes, surprise surprise – Sweet Melissa! Stick around for some love for the veterans!

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