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Deep Roots

Apothecare: Deep Roots – Season 2, Ep. 5

By October 20, 2021September 20th, 2023No Comments
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Deep Roots: Season 2, Ep.5


Apothecare Ann Arbor is a locally owned and operated organic cannabis company & dispensary.

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“I’m loyal to the soil my guy!”

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Episode Preview

Apothecare: Deep Roots - Season 2, Ep. 5

Apothecare Ann Arbor is a locally owned and operated organic cannabis company & dispensary.

They are a team of friendly cannabis and wellness enthusiasts who focus on cultivating high-quality organic cannabis products for the Ann Arbor community and the State of Michigan. As Michigan’s first certified organic cannabis company, they are committed to a sustainable, holistic approach towards cannabis cultivation and sales.

Apothecare in-house products are certified organic by an independent company, and all of their packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. Their cultivation method utilizes both regenerative farming techniques and modern science by combining no-till living soil practices, advanced energy-efficient environmental controls, and LED grow lighting. The organic growing process allows each plant to express its best genetic potential and produce the highest quality trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes.  Apothecare relies on a healthy, biologically diverse living soil and beneficial insects to feed and nurture their plants, without any reliance on synthetic inputs or fertilizers.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!


Garrett meets up with the Apothecare team at the Ferndale Project for some craft beer and good conversation. What’s YOUR Suit to Wuck ratio anyway?


Paul takes Garrett through the veg room and the pair talk sanitation and the NetraFog machine from Neutra Fogger. Greg from SCYNCE LED drops in to talk about the lighting set-up at Apothecare.


Leah is “Loyal to the Soil” and it shows! Garrett checks out Leah’s living soil design and what it was like bringing it to scale. Featuring beneficials from BioBest and dehumidification with Quest.

Research & Development:

Paul is back to show Garrett the Apothecare R&D room. They check out new strains and one of the few Quest 335s in use!


Gina and Jack teach Garrett about processing at Apothecare. The conversation turners to terpenes and other great cannabinoids OTHER than THC.

Post Harvest:

Chad takes Garrett through the post-harvest process to learn more about how Apothecare dries, cures, and trims its flower.

Additional Strains:
  • Butter Cup
  • Truffle Butter
  • ButterFace
  • Dual OG
  • MAC
  • MOB Boss
  • Lemon Alderon
  • Garlic Snake Breath
  • Banana Runts
  • Key Lime OG
  • Angel Cake
  • Aquarius
  • Blazed Cookies
  • Blue Mason
  • Gelato
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Skunk Hero
  • Strawberry Glue
  • Syncretism
  • Aries
  • Black Jack
  • Blue Dream
  • Crux
  • Death Rattle
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