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Canna Cribs Podcast Episode #1

By March 15, 2021August 7th, 2023No Comments
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Podcast Episode #1

The Clear

Learn about The Clear Cannabis Concentrates with Courtney Maltais on the Canna Cribs Podcast.

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As a scientist entering a counterculture market…it was easy to feel like a black sheep.

– Courtney Maltais
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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs Podcast: Episode #1.

Learn about The Clear Cannabis Concentrates with Courtney Maltais in Episode #1 of the Canna Cribs Podcast, where we document history with the pioneers of the global cannabis industry.


In this podcast we talk to Courtney Maltais about the science of cannabis extraction at The Clear, the challenges of running a successful cannabis extraction business in multiple states, the future of the cannabis industry in the face of a pandemic, and a chicken and waffle vape pen commissioned by the one and only – Action Bronson!

About Courtney Maltias:

Courtney Maltais is co-founder and lead botanist at The Clear™. Earning dual degrees in Molecular Biology and English Literature at The University of New Hampshire, Maltais has a passion for agricultural research science and science journalism. She has conducted numerous research grows in California, working with industry leaders on cannabis cultivation and tissue culture projects. She is an advocate for sustainability in both growing and concentrate manufacturing. Her combined love of science and cannabis has been the foundation of her work with The Clear™​. In 2017, Maltais founded CM Botanical LLC and began consulting within the cannabis industry working on various research and cultivation projects internationally. CM Botanical is an educational and consultation company focused on bridging the gaps between the scientific community and the cannabis industry.

  • 0:00 Opening
  • 4:38 Women in the Cannabis Industry
  • 7:05 Diversity in the Cannabis Industry
  • 9:55 Future of women in Cannabis Industry
  • 11:48 Research/Science at The Clear
  • 17:41 Product Development
  • 25:26 Action Bronson and The Clear
  • 30:27 Consumer Perception
  • 37:02 How The Clear works with operations and states
  • 43:31 Why The Clear?
  • 46:59 Future of the industry
  • 49:25 R&D
  • 51:21 Customizing a vape pen & new products
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