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Canna Cribs

GlassHouse Farms: Season 1, Ep. 1

By February 24, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments
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Canna Cribs Season 1, Ep.1

GlassHouse Farms

How Professionals Grow Cannabis

Featured genetics

Purchase the genetics used at Glasshouse Farms.

“Glasshouse is the forefront of compliant cannabis in California.”

– Graham Farrar
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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs: Season 1, Episode 1.

The episode that started it all! Nate Lipton visits GlassHouse Farms to show the world how professionals grow cannabis. Read on for a peek of what you’ll see in the episode.

Nate meets up with Kelly and Graham to check out their 350,000 sq ft greenhouse grow in an “undisclosed location” in California. He checks out their Elite Grow platform, a state of the art irrigation system, and learns why they are on the “forefront of compliant cannabis.”

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!


Nate takes a look at the GlassHouse Farms propagation process with special attention to how they successfully clone 500 plants a week. Check out the rolling benches and their favorite grow media.


Nate learns about the vegetative process and is impressed by the quality. The team talks IPM and preventative action for dealing with potential pests. Learn what they use to keep their operation pest free. They also take a look at how they utilize sunlight in addition to supplemental lighting and check out the automated controls that help them grow their quality flower.


It’s more Elite nutrients in the 70 sq ft flower room. Check out the beautiful buds and learn the Glasshouse secret to increasing oils and terpenes.


The GlassHouse team explains the best curing conditions for their cannabis. See their 10 day cure and why they say “if it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t sell.


It’s not all hand trim at GlassHouse. Check out their GreenBroz machine that gently trims with minimal trichome loss. Is that how each hand trimmer was able to go from 3 pounds a day to 2 pounds an hour? 3lbs/day → 2lbs


GlassHouse shows off their packaging room, lots of burping and bagging. Watch Nate take a nap on 10 pounds of flower.

Nate and Kelly share some Daywrecker but Graham abstains – somebody’s got to fly the plane!