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Canna Cribs

Los Suenos: Season 1, Ep. 4

By February 24, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments
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Canna Cribs Season 1, Ep.4

Los Suenos

The largest legal outdoor cannabis grow in the country

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“Possibly the largest cannabis farm in the world…maybe the universe?”

– Nate Lipton
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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs: Season 1, Episode 4.

What does it take to run the largest legal outdoor cannabis grow in the country?

That’s what Nate travelled to Pueblo Colorado to find out. Join Nate and the Canna Cribs team as they meet with the team at Los Suenos in Pueblo Colorado and learn about how they grow quality flower in a challenging outdoor environment. You’ll also get a little history on Pueblo, the former steel town that had to change with the times.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!


Nate sits down with Dr. Matt, an expert in plant genetics and abiotic stress responses and learns about the specific challenges of growing outdoors in Pueblo Colorado and how the Los Suenos team overcomes those challenges. Make sure to see how they 95%+ rooting rate.


Farm operations manager Ryan Kinnison takes Nate through the 3 different vegetative tracts the plants take at Los Suenos. Check out their strategy for combating soil fusarium, how they apply automation in their state-of-the-art greenhouse, and how they use supplemental lighting.


Plasticulture, Netafim, Dosatron, and drones. See Los Suenos’ strategy for irrigating and protecting acres of cannabis flower. See a demo of some interesting drone technology and how Los Suenos uses their drones to assess plant health.


Machine trimming is the rule at Los Suenos. Check out their Twister tandem setup , capable of wet and dry trim. And have you heard of the Mother Bucker?


Your cannabis is only as good as the cure and Los Suenos has the process down to a science. Check out their Link4 automated cure room and learn how they go from harvest to cured cannabis in 7-10 days.


How does Los Suenos keep their flower fresh? Proper storage, proper mylar bags, and of course, nitrogen.


Nate visits with Los Suenos partner PurpleBees to learn about the latest in supercritical CO2 extraction, the potential dangers of cannabis extraction, and the tools and knowledge you need to create amazing extracts.


Last stop of the episode as Nate meets with Pam Parco of Mesa Organics and picks up some Los Suenos flower to share with the Canna Cribs crew.

All of this and much more in the episode! Thanks for watching and make sure to check out the supplies and equipment used in the episode!