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Canna Cribs

Jungle Boys: Season 2, Ep. 13

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Canna Cribs Season 2, Ep.13

Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys are Los Angeles cultivators working toward a singular mission: to grow clean, potent cannabis.

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Welcome to the Jungle!

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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs: Season 2, Episode 13.

Nate meets up with Ivan of the Jungle Boys!

For over ten years Jungle Boys have strived to change the way people think about cultivation – it’s not just what they do – it’s who they are. From humble origins Jungle Boys is always looking to perfect their process and take cannabis to new heights.

In sharing their successes, Jungle Boys is proud to inspire a new generation of cultivators.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!

Origin Story

Ivan and Juice talk to Nate about the origins of Jungle Boys


Nate checks out some of the over 100 strains in the Jungle Boys catalog.

Tissue Culture

Mike shows Nate the tissue culture lab and details how a lab can make your “best” cannabis even better.


Roach drops in and talks to Nate about the super clean Jungle Boys veg room. Nate learns why Jungle Boys uses Grodan rockwool, Luxx lighting, Netafim, and Athena nutrients.


Roach takes Nate into the flower room where they talk Common Culture trellis benches by IGE, irrigation by Demeter Ag Consulting and of course they’re rocking Quest units!

Trimming and Curing

It’s all hand trimmed at Jungle Boys. Watch the crew work toward trimming 600 pounds a month!


Vamps and Greg show off the solventless processing that goes on at Jungle Boys. Look at that rosin!


A last stop as Nates pops into the dispensary for some Jungle Boys flower!

Additional Strains
  • Kush Mints
  • Coma
  • Hot cheetos
  • Jungle Cake
  • Wifi Cake
  • Junglato
  • Lemon Mints
  • Jungle Flame
  • LA Kush Cake
  • Frosted Gelato
  • Motorbreath
Additional Episode Info

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