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Deep Roots

Redwood Cultivation: Deep Roots – Season 2, Ep. 3

By July 28, 2021September 20th, 2023No Comments
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Deep Roots: Season 2, Ep.3

Redwood Cultivation

Garrett Leon sits down with the crew at Redwood cultivation to talk about the Nevada cannabis market over food and drinks.

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It starts with healthy mothers for healthy cuts and healthy clones.

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Episode Preview

Redwood Cultivation: Deep Roots - Season 2, Ep. 3

Founded in 2014, Redwood is a Nevada licensed cultivation facility. Redwood has a 20,000 sq. ft., state of the art cultivation facility with a fully automated fertilization, drip irrigation, HVAC, lighting, and Co2 system.

In 2016, Redwood was chosen to be the exclusive distributor in Nevada for Willie’s Reserve, a company founded by legendary artist, Willie Nelson. Redwood also distributes its own line of cannabis products under the Redwood brand.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!

Propagation/Mother Room:

It all starts with healthy moms! Garrett learns about the cloning process at Redwood cultivation as well as how they’re using Grodan’s GroSens technology to monitor the feeding of their over thirty cannabis strains.


Garret checks out the impressive veg structure at Redwood and gets a visit from a special guest – Green Cleaner!


Garrett checks out the beautiful buds in the flower room and learns why Redwood uses Hortilux LED. Also features Method Seven PPE and Quest dehumidifiers.

Post Harvest:

Garret joins up with the post harvest crew to discuss their True Liberty Bags, crucial to their dry and cure process by allowing burping of moisture while retaining the terpene profile.


Garrett visits “The Dispensary” and learns about the available Redwood products and talks about creating a customer centered retail experience.

Closing Smoke Sesh:

It’s almost time to say goodby, but not until Garrett and the Redwood Cultivation team sample some delicious cannabis including: pink rozay, Gary Peyton, Cereal Milk (from cookies), Sweet Tea, Cone Leche

Additional Strains:
  • Pink Rozay
  • Gary Peyton
  • Cone Leche
  • A1 YOLA
  • Sour Diesel
  • Grape Cake
  • Purple Haze
  • Octane Mint Sorbet
  • The Guice
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