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Canna Cribs Podcast Episode #4

By March 18, 2021August 2nd, 2023No Comments
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Podcast Episode #4


Emerald Cup Winner, CEO Paul Roethle of California's 'Chemistry'.

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Some of the business practices of pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine wore on me … I really saw the potential of cannabis as medicine.

– Paul Roethle
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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs Podcast: Episode #4.

We take a deep dive with, Paul Roethle the CEO & Co-Founder of 'Chemistry' in Episode 4 of the Canna Cribs Podcast, where we document history with the pioneers of the global cannabis industry.

In this interview, you will get an inside look at California’s ‘Chemistry’ who is the creator of a wide variety of full spectrum cannabis concentrate products, such as: Tinctures, Cartridges, Diamonds, and Moods.

They source their flower from the following organic, sun-grown cannabis growers in California: Moon Made Farms, Alpenglow Farms, Croft Farms, Lazy Moon Ranch, Radicle Herbs, Moon Gazer Farms, Rebel Grown, Lady Sativa, Wildland, Sonoma Hills Farm, Esensia, and Briceland Forest Farm.

“Chemistry’s single cultivar, full-spectrum cannabis products are made using small batches of whole flower lovingly grown under the sun by some of Northern California’s best (and brightest) craft cultivators. Our premium cannabis products capture the nuance of each strain we source, from flavor to effect. Our eclectic team of insanely talented humans are united by a passion for the plant, a deep respect for the scientific method and a dedication to the subtle qualities of excellence. Oh, and a penchant for the playful. Chemistry stays true to the plant you know and love.”

  • 0:00 Opening
  • 2:02 Paul & Background
  • 12:12 Emerald Cup
  • 17:56 Transitioning from Big Pharma to Cannabis
  • 28:18 Organic Chemistry Background
  • 37:39 Paul’s Day-to-Day
  • 44:52 Collaborations
  • 57:07 Vape Market Feedback
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