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Canna Cribs Podcast Episode #8

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Podcast Episode #8

Next Big Crop

We take a deep dive with, Jarret Ricci the cultivation consultant of 'Next Big Crop' in Episode 8 of the Canna Cribs Podcast.

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We try to change as little as possible to get that optimal effect.

– Jarret Ricci
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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs Podcast: Episode #8.

We take a deep dive with, Jarret Ricci the cultivation consultant of 'Next Big Crop' in Episode 8 of the Canna Cribs Podcast, where we document history with the pioneers of the global cannabis industry.


In this interview, you will get an inside look at ‘Next Big Crop’ which is a full-service cannabis consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado.

Next Big Crop is a dedicated group of passionate and seasoned cannabis experts with decades of collective expertise devoted to license procurement, facility design and construction, systems engineering, equipment and materials sourcing, management and compliance. Their mission is to impart their experiences to the next generation of operators so that they are able to provide cannabis lovers with the highest-quality flowers, infused products and retail experiences available anywhere in the world.

About Jarret Ricci:

Very little in Jarret Ricci’s past predicted his future results as a top-tier cultivation expert, but he thinks the intriguing disparity of his experiences has been instrumental in his success. “The work of running a cultivation is not usually what people expect,” Jarret says. “There’s so much thinking involved. You need to have a clear plan or a well-thought-out philosophy of why you’re doing this, and you need to be able to look as far down the road as possible to account for anything and everything.”

The Philadelphia native earned his first Bachelor of Science degree, in History, from Ohio’s Wittenberg University. While studying at Wittenberg, he spent a year in Thailand teaching English at local schools. After graduating, Jarret moved to L.A. for a brief time; he had planned on moving back to Philly, but on the trip back home he stopped in Denver and never left. Jarret earned a second BS in Education from Denver’s Metro State University and began teaching social studies.

But after teaching, a chance introduction to growing cannabis led him to spending four years working for Way to Grow, designing grow rooms, writing nutrient recipes, creating integrated pest management programs, and managing several large accounts.

Since Jarret joined Next Big Crop in January 2017 as a Cultivation Consultant, he has been in an integral support role for each of Next Big Crop’s clients, working directly with them to create the cultivation of their dreams. “It’s like building a race car,” he explains. “Everything has a function; nothing is extra or there just to be shiny. Each element needs to be performance-based and there for a reason, and then once you get going, you need to try to look as far down the road as possible.”

  • 0:00​ Opening
  • 1:58​ Jarret Ricci’s Background & Next Big Crop Business Model
  • 10:56​ Jarret’s Day-to-Day operations
  • 21:32​ Clients of Next Big Crop
  • 25:18​ Challenges of Next Big Crop
  • 46:14​ Horror & Success Stories while Consulting
  • 53:09​ Learn about Jarret’s Background in Teaching
  • 58:00​ Future of Next Big Crop
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