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Canna Cribs

Item 9 Labs: Season 2, Ep. 5

By February 16, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments
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Canna Cribs Season 2, Ep.5

Item 9 Labs

Arizona Processor: Item 9 Labs, Produces Delta 8 THC Cartridges and Award-Winning Extracts.

Featured genetics

Purchase the genetics used at Item 9 Labs.

We were lucky. All of our founders brought something to the table.

– Bryce Skalla
Featured Products

Purchase the equipment used by Item 9 Labs.

Episode Preview

Canna Cribs: Season 2, Episode 5.

Co-founded by five business partners bringing together a myriad of skills to produce premium cannabis products, Item 9 Labs is for those who believe quality comes first. Item 9 Labs located in Casa Grande, Arizona is best known for their award-winning extracts and pods/cartridges. Notably their Apollo 710 revolutionized the Arizona cannabis vape market with its clean, modern design and hard-hitting delivery. Also notable is their Delta 8 which is one of four cannabinoids that helps treat symptoms and is less psychoactive than the most commonly known cannabinoid, Delta 9.

Nate and the crew travel to Casa Grande Arizona to visit Item 9 Labs to check out their indoor grow, learn about delta-8 THC, and check out their award winning suite of products. 1st stop is to talk with Bryce Skalla, President of Item 9 Labs.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!


VP of Cultivation, Corey Carter, discusses the genetics used at Item 9 Labs. Corey uses his extensive horticulture background to oversee all of the 52 strains cultivated by Item 9.


Nate checks out the propagation process at Item 9. Learn why it’s better to take your clones from the bottom of the plants and how to use seedling domes to help harden off those new plants.


It’s all about the VPD in the Item 9 Labs veg room. Learn how they mix their custom nutrients in their five-week veg cycle. Nate also learns about the IPM regimen and how Item 9 plants stay so clean.


Charlie Curiel, Director of Cultivation, is a nutrient specialist who shows Nate how they operate the flower room at Item 9 Labs. Nate and Charlie talk about HVAC, bench systems, Gavita controllers and lights, and watering strategy. Stick around for the “master class” on trellising!


David Powell, trimming manager, shows Nate the Item 9 process for trimming that starts with a quick, gentle tumble in the GreenBroz model M. From there it’s off for a hand trim finish. Marco Jimenez of GreenBroz stops by to talk about their conception of an “end to end” system for bucking and trimming cannabis.


Nate meets up with Brandon Blass and Eric Eisele to learn about the processing lab at Item 9. The team shows off their process for making BHO extracts and how they remove all solvents from their end product. Eric also shares a bit about their process for isolating Delta-8 THC.


Nate checks out the packaging operation for Item 9’s cartridges, live resin, and flower. How do they keep it all fresh? Grove Bags and Terp-Loc technology!


Nate is back in Tucson to pick up some Item 9 Labs products atThe Prime Leaf dispensary. Patient consultant Ana Brotons talks about the most popular products there and why Delta-8 THC is so popular.

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