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Canna Cribs

The Pharm: Season 1, Ep. 8

By February 23, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments
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Canna Cribs Season 1, Ep.8

The Pharm

Growing in a seven-acre Dutch greenhouse

Featured genetics

Purchase the genetics used at The Pharm.

“I grew up around it, since before I could walk or talk. I’ve always had a good feeling around the plant.”

– Sjoerd Broeks
Featured Products

Purchase the equipment used by The Pharm.

Episode Preview

Canna Cribs: Season 1, Episode 8.

Canna Cribs at The Pharm and Sunday Goods, growing in a seven-acre Dutch greenhouse, filmed in Willcox, AZ. ThePharm​ + SundayGoods grows cannabis in a seven-acre Dutch greenhouse in Willcox, Arizona. Under the cultivation guidance of legendary grower and geneticist, Sjoerd Broeks, The Pharm produces cannabis year round, selling their products throughout dispensaries in Arizona.

Nate and the crew head out to Wilcox Arizona to check out the Dutch-style greenhouse at The Pharm, a 322,000 sq ft grow to find out more about the brand and learn about genetics from legendary breeder and director of science & genetics, Sjoerd Broeks. The pair talk about Sjoerd’s love for the plant and his journey to becoming one of the most renowned breeders in the world.

Under the cultivation guidance of legendary grower and geneticist, Sjoerd Broeks, The Pharm produces cannabis year round, selling their products throughout dispensaries in Arizona.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!


Sjoerd shares his philosophy on genetics which starts with sourcing from the best breeders. Nate learns how The Pharm bred their genetics for the best quality and to be suited to the environment in Wilcox. Sjoerd also talks about the new and classic strains he loves to grow.


Nate pops into propagation to talk to cultivation administrative manager, Jacob Ray. Jacob shows Nate the 24,000 thousand clones at the farm they take from their 500 mother plants. Nate also learns about the propagation process at The Pharm. Of course they use Clonex, but have you heard of Clone Guard?


Cultivation manager, Enrique Ramirez, teaches Nate about the veg setup at The Pharm. Nate learns about a novel Formflex gutter system to recapture water for sustainability and lower costs. Enrique goes on to discuss the IPM program that includes beneficial insects and Trifecta spray as a preventative. And what do you know? John Mussare, the owner of Trifecta, stops by to take a deep dive into pest management.


Next stop is flowering where Nate meets up with Tony Stevens, the director of agriculture operations at The Pharm. Tony explains how the Wilcox climate is great for growing and how they keep their greenhouses cool. Nate also learns about the IPM program in the flower room that includes a lot of inspection and preventatives like OMRI listed Regalia and Grandevo.


Nate stops into trimming to talk to Cliff Davis, general manager of The Pharm. Cliff teaches Nate about the hand trim process for tier one flower before looking at the Centurion Pro wet/dry trimmer they utilize for tier two flower.


Charles Crum, RPM supervisor/”Curemaster OG,” takes Nate through the curing process at The Pharm. Charles explains how they get the perfect cure for all of their strains to get “that gas, that funk, that cheese!”


Cliff Davis is back to talk about the various products put out by The Pharm, including a few edibles, vape pens, and even bath bombs. Looking for a little romance? Check out their “intimacy spray.”Cliff goes on to explain the process and equipment used to sort and package their flower which includes the STM Canna bud sorter, the RocketBox pre roll machine, and Integra humidity packs.

Stick around for the Canna Cribs pool party!