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Canna Cribs

Yerba Buena: Season 2, Ep. 1

By February 12, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments
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Canna Cribs Season 2, Ep.1

Yerba Buena

Award-winning Oregon cannabis cultivator of organically-grown flower that offers a delicious experience.

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We want the character of the flower to come out in the end product.

– Cody Kimmel
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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs: Season 2, Episode 1.

Nate went inside America’s top organic cannabis farm to answer your questions. Is organic cannabis better? What is organic cannabis? What is living soil? How do you grow organic cannabis? Get the answers to these organic cannabis questions and more as Canna Cribs takes you inside Yerba Buena’s 100% organic cannabis farm in Portland, Oregon.

Nate talks to Cody Kimmel, Director of facilities and construction at Yerba Buena. Listen to their chat about the origin of their organic cannabis farm.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!


Cultivation manager Derek Rayhorn shows off some award winning CBD genetics (Blue Dragon Desert Frost) and introduces Nate to Silverhawk, a killer sativa that has never tested below 27% THC! Don’t forget to check out their other 2500 plants that make up their 65-70 production strains!


Nat chats with production manager Jake Clubine about their lab oriented propagation process. Check out their clone cutting strategy and see the tools that have helped Jake cut over forty thousand clones! Check out their favorite rooting hormone and learn how they stay compliant with METRC.


Next stop on the tour is the cannabis veg room where “Veg Mama” Sarah Levins teaches Nate how Yerba Buena tailor the process for all of their plants’ needs. Learn about their favorite locally sourced media, their OMRI listed nutrient regimen, their reusable smart pots, Sensaphone, and how they use AgriAir to keep their grow thriving.

Cannabis Infused Dinner and Drinks:

Nate, his crew, and the team at Yerba rest after a long day of shooting. Check out the infused dinner party in the Stem mansion!


James Orpeza, Director of operations, talks with Nate about managing farms overseas and how to keep your product consistent. James shows Nate their recipe for an amazing living soil and shows off how they manage the environment in the flower room. Oh, and they’re “Clean Green” certified!


It’s all hand trimmed at Yerba Buena! Johnny Swoope shows Nate their trimming process that follows a slow, three week cure. Nate is impressed by what he describes as a “cannabis wine cellar.” And of course they use Trim Bins.


Julian Greene puts on the account executive hat to discuss cannabis packaging. She teaches Nate about their “Dr. Levity strain, and talk price per pound. You’ll also hear about how the increased demand for CBD flower helped them stay competitive in a growing, adult-use market.


The episode is a wrap and it’s time to check out some product! Nate visits Tj’s on Powell and talks with Eben Waggoner about popular strains and how they use Greenbits to stay compliant in the dispensary.

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