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Canna Cribs

Tikun Olam: Season 2, Ep. 2

By February 11, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments
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Canna Cribs Season 2, Ep.2

Tikun Olam

World’s First Company to Legally Study Cannabis

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If you don’t have the secret sauce, it’s not going to work. It’s that simple.

– Rami Vardi
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Episode Preview

Canna Cribs: Season 2, Episode 2.

World’s First Company to Legally Study Cannabis: Tikun Olam from Israel. With deep roots in Israel, Tikun Olam and their team are proud pioneers and global leaders in medical cannabis research and development for the past 30 years. Tikun Olam traces their world-leading research history to visionaries such as Professor Rafael Mechoulam, the “father of cannabis research,” and Israel’s other top scientists, universities, and hospitals. They continually perform government-regulated clinical studies on a spectrum of unique cannabis strains. It’s how they’ve built the world’s largest medical cannabis treatment database – 20,000 patient records and growing. In Hebrew, “Tikun Olam” translates to “repair the world. “It guides Tikun’s mission to improve the lives of those suffering from debilitating conditions, with innovative strains backed by our unmatched foundation in science.

Nate and crew travel to Adelanto California to check out Tikun Olam’s 80k sq ft greenhouse and to learn more about their mission to “repair the world!”

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the episode!


Tikun Olam co-founder Rami Vardi talks to Nate about the company’s origins in research and development, including their legacy as the first company to isolate THC with Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. They also discuss the importance of medical cannabis, the endocannabinoid system and the advantages of cannabis tissue culture.


Next stop is the propagation room where botanist Dr. Ulrich Reimann-Philipp teaches Nate about the tissue culture process at Tikun Olam. The good doctor also talks about the differences between traditional clones and those propagated from tissue culture – guess which one is more resistant to pests and pathogens – as well as why light wattage is a bad indicator of light efficacy in a cannabis grow.


Christopher Murray, Tikun Olam’s director of cultivation, talks to Nate about quality control, developing SOPs, and the best practices for growers. Learn their strategies for hand watering, transplanting, and their love for Great White mycorrhizae.


Christopher takes Nate into the LED flower room to see the blooming plants. The pair talk about Spectrum King, the importance of a quality nutrient regimen, and how to properly set up your trellis netting.


Nate visits Ryan Christ, the post-harvest manager at Tikun Olam. Nate learns about their 1:1 strain, “midnight,” and gets the information on Tikun Olam’s curing process.


Rami Vardi – co-founder
Dry Trim – easier on plants – don’t abuse bud
Machine for landrace strains
Tom’s Tumblers – bladeless
Harvest More Trim Bins


Nate meets with a few of the Tikun team to learn about supply chain, R&D, and the nanoemulsion process. Next Nate checks out the terpene and cannabinoid extraction process and the Sambo Creeck sparkless, pneumatic filtration system used to make Tikun Olam’s vapes, tinctures, lotions, and topicals.


It’s all about compliance in cannabis packaging Soffeah Mirchandani – Executive VP of Compliance talks to Nate about the various compliance hoops that cannabis operations need to jump through to stay compliant.


Joel “Jewlz” Diaz, Purchasing Manager at Bare Dispensary, shows off a few of the Tikun Olam products at the dispensary and teaches Nate about their Treez point of sales software.

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